how many contestants are left on the voice 2014

Blake's Experienced, maybe it won't be such of a shock that Blake is in the lead as the only coach with three wins on "The Voice" if you consider that he's done this judge thing before.
Blevine Is Real, ok, maybe calling Blake and Adam Levine "Blevine" is a bit of a leap, but it's not a stretch to believe in their undeniable bromance that keeps us entertained twice a week.
Lots of Busy Work, according to behind the scenes insight from the today show, "The Voice" uses a staff and crew of about 600 people, makes 12 set changes, and uses more than 1900 lights for one live show.It's true: Blake Shelton and Adam Levine can't get enough of challenging each other, and between auditions they're frequently running to each other to chat.Camera-Off, Hands-Off, this may not be too surprising considering that the coaches have established careers beyond coaching "The Voice" contestants, but some coaches don't do much actual coaching.Just Sign The Dotted Line, contestants are required to sign a contract before appearing on the show that says (among other things) that NBC may 'remove or replace' a contestant at any point in time.Although the blind auditions that we see only last about 90 seconds, the process leading up to the performance can take upwards of a month.Sure, some people don't get a chair to turn, but we hardly actually think they were bad singers.There's also "The Voice of the Arab World "The Voice of China and "The Voice Kids" (in ten countries!).Sorry, but that time you hurt yourself jumping over the couch to vote at the last second might not have been worth it after all.There will be other celebrity guests as well, so I won't spoil everything for you, though the information is out there if you're curious.If you're curious, the answer is unfortunately,.Do they just happen to have the right number of contestants and the last one is the last spot on the last team?" While this question is obviously a little naive, it's not a bad question.

Eh, Maybe Next Season."We coached with her a few times and then the majority of our growth was left to us on our own.".Blake appeared as a judge on the country-singing competition "Nashville Star" in season.So while hardly anything we see on reality TV is actually genuine, we can be sure that these real people are getting at least some real benefits from one of America's photo contest online 2014 favorite reality competitions.Preparations include rehearsals with and without the band, photo shoots, interviews, and more before the games really begin.When the spots fill up, that's it, and not everyone who comes to the blind auditions gets to actually try out.Season 6 contestant Ddendyl said that they only met with coach Shakira for rehearsals to be filmed for the battle intros.Is actually a spinoff of the original, "The Voice of Holland which first aired in the Netherlands in September 2010.By Suggest Team, click Here For More From Suggest Team.