how to cut side swept bangs step by step

How to Cut Layers and Side Swept Bangs DIY ยป.
Step 7: Now, I have got my desired length of my bangs.
Comb your hair on your face and hold the bottom edge of your hair in between your index and your middle finger.During: 00:03:52.85M, views 16, downloads, other helpful HOW TO videoade HOW TO CUT your hair layered m/watch?I have left-sided swept bangs.Slowly you can go on cutting and get your desired height, but just do not chop it off 1 or 2 inches directly, that will not give you a proper look.A few tic-tac pins to clip up your extra hair so that they dont disturb you while cutting your bangs.
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I'm using just regular sharp scissors.

Trust me guys, it has been really tough to pose for pictures at one side and explain and cut my hair on the other, but still I managed somehow because I love imbb.To set them, push them on the side with your fingers like I am doing in the picture and see to it that your bangs are over the forehead or they are 1-2 cms below your forehead.Hold them tight and take the sharp scissors in your hand.I would request you not to trim your bangs with wet hair because when corvette dream giveaway drawing your hair is wet, they look longer and after cutting they look really short, so do not spray water on your hair.YouTube is for fun.During: 00:06:46 132.43K, views 15, downloads hope this was some kind of helpful Age: 19 in college Hayden's Age: 19 we live together idk my hair color im not doing.During: 00:02:06.35K, views 6, downloads, growing out blunt bangs is really annoying!How to Become Fair Naturally, how To Minimize A Large Forehead.
During: 00:08:46.9K, views 7, downloads, the side sweeping fringe is timeless so it's important as stylists that we understand different ways to cut side bangs.
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