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ValenToons Day is far from Cogish - in fact, I even found a Valentine addressed to myself in my mailbox this morning!
Note: This update, along with Toontown Rewritten Linux, will go out later tonight.
Security Goons have blocked all possible entrances, and peering through windows has revealed nothing except for tv show contestants wanted uk several large elevators large enough to fit a Cog boss.Stay tooned, and we'll keep you posted on the festivities at omgcon 2015.There's much to discuss, so we'll try to rhyme fast.Alas, however, as I cannot claim credit despite as much as I would like.who gave them an offer that they absolutely couldn't refuse.
(Fun number to say, and all.) The thing is, you just can't rush these sort of things.
We've listed them below, but keep in mind we'll still need your help to bust all of those Skelecogs!

Toons, it looks like we're about to hop on to an all-out.Art is for everyone and everyone should experience it, in whatever format.The team asked me to write this post for you all, and either they've all gone crazy, or they finally realized it was about time to stop letting Sir Max hog all the spotlight!One of the most wonderful holidays of the year.December has been a great month for Toontown so far, with all of the holiday cheer and new events going.In fact, I am now.That's where I found him, after all.That means all details have to be big and clear enough in order for you to be able to see them from far away.
Posted by Lil Oldman on January 31, 2015 12:00 PM Ah, you are back.
Christmas in July Posted by Shockley on July 17, 2015 09:00 AM Happy Holidays, Toons!