hydro quebec rebate for thermostats

Gaz Métro Smart thermostat grant Designed to give you optimal comfort and peace of mind, the smart thermostat is connected to a local Wi-Fi network. .
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The heat emanating from energy-efficient radiant floors ensures overall comfort in a serene (noiseless) environment.
Members have agents at their fingertips 24/7 for support with every device in their home, from Best Buy or not.Program conditions and grant amounts may also be subject to change without prior notice.You will improve the energy efficiency of your home.1 product(s) available in Hydronic Radiant Floor sort.To find out more about the RénoVert program, visit.To receive financial assistance under the Rénoclimat program, your renovations must have increased your EnerGuide rating (measure that calculates the energy efficiency of your home) by two points or more.This allows you to control your heating and air conditioning system remotely via the Internet or a mobile application.Home page, heating, radiant Floor Heating Systems, hydronic Radiant Floor.
The ultimate in comfort, radiant heating offers you comfort choices.

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You will reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.To find out more about this program, click here.This program is designed for occupants of residential buildings that have a natural gas central heating system or who wish to connect their homes to the natural gas network.Warm your entire house or just problem areas like the kitchen, bathroom, basement, or entryway. .And that is without taking into account the recurrent savings generated by a new high performance system.Hydro-Québec, conversion to electricity, the Conversion to Electricity Program provides financial assistance for projects designed to replace equipment that uses an eligible fossil fuel with electrical equipment in commercial, institutional or industrial buildings.
You can benefit from financial assistance.
This will enable Hydro-Québec to meet its customers energy needs at the best possible price.