japanese curry eating contest

Put about.5 cups cooked rice in a bowl, ladle about.5 cups of the finished sauce over it, and itadakimasu!
Dates and Schedule, date Time 5/8 (Sat) 10am (Japan Standard Time) 5/7 (Fri) 6pm (Pacific Standard Time).
Contestant show up to the apartment.
Share, pin, photo: Ishikawa-TV, completing the harder challenges not only makes your meal free, but Golden Curry will also pay you a cash prize.S B and, house.Add beef, and cook until browned.Add carrots and potatoes, and pour in as much water as the package instructs, typically.5 to 3 cups.The brave challenger made it about halfway through, eating over six kilograms of rice in an hour.(Note: Japanese curry is different from Southeast Asian curry.But I don't think we are going to use them all.Even in the world of super-sized.Fortunately, it's quite easy to feed such an addiction, if you should find yourself hooked on the stuff.For example, if you order the 2-kilogram challenge curry rice (priced at 1,980 yen or US18) and eat it in fifteen minutes, its free.In an early show of the ingenuity they would later gain renown for, the Japanese soon developed make-at-home versions of the sauce.As you may not have guessed, it is eaten with a spoon, not chopsticks.But trust me: It tastes much much better than anything a dog would eatwell, maybe not a dog spoiled by its [email protected] won the sweepstake!
The last challenge on the menu is the 10-kilogram curry rice challenge.
Then, there is the four-kilo curry rice challenge, which street sweeping denver times is 3,480 yen (31).

Japanese curry sauce is served over rice, no surprise, and in this configuration is known as karei raisu, or "curry rice"-as you may have guessed.Kokuho Rose works well) Procedure.Like really, really hungry?And if youre dying to try this challenge, but cant travel to Japan, youll be happy to know that the Gold Curry restaurant branch in Bangkok, Thailand, also has the humongous dish on the menu.House Foods Curry House Restaurant aldi voucher code 100 free prints : If you live in the greater Los Angeles or San Diego area, you can visit one of eight House Foods Curry House locations.Eat Judge Where to watch Click the thumbnail images on the top of this page to watch the each section #.Finishing the 8-kilo plate of rice and Japanese curry will earn you a prize of 50,000 yen (450 plus the 72 cost of the meal.Japanese food, this menu is rather unusual.After the onions start to sweat and become tender and translucent, add the ground beef.
Tonight's contest winner will receive the rest of curry paste that I didn't use.