june vhf contest results

I run a modified Ameritron AL-80 on 6 meters that produces around 800 watts. .
CQ, wW, vHF, contest, held July 1617, 2005.General Rules For arrl Contests Above 50 MHz, and these changes become effective with the 2015 June VHF contest.K6ARP 2010 arrl June VHF QSO Party Results.VA3TSG was bored until 6 meters opened up Sunday and then enjoyed the best results ever.Newbies One of the major attractions of the CQ WW VHF Contest is its appeal to newcomers.You dont need a whole shack full of gear to compete, as noted by HS7ZSX: My first contest was very exciting, making contacts in central Thail and up to 400 km by VHF -FM with 10 watts limited power.28 CQ April 2006 Visit Our Web Site).Summer is nearly here, and that means it's time for the arrl June VHF contest, June 13-15!Several entry categories are available, including portable - for those who enjoy operating low power from a portable power source and using portable antennas rover - for mobile operators who enjoy traveling from one grid square to another to hand out contacts.Multi-op station N4DXY noted the b and opened up nicely to the northeast on Sunday, while N2GKM found 6 meters fun on Sunday.207 QSOs were made with 119 Grids (multipliers).I was thrilled to finally break the 100 contact barrier. .
The high voltage was good, so that tells me that I lost filament voltage to the tube. .
It's a whole new world of propagation possibilities that also include tropospheric ducting, aurora, and even meteor scatter and moonbounce.

And from Karn, E20ZFD: This was my first time in the CQ WW VHF Contest.I operated Single Op 6 meters, and Josh SO idaho lottery raffle ticket numbers 2 meters.I did try meteor scatter Sunday morning.Olaf Pikisilmä, two-way pictorial and audio exchanges were instantaneously available to all participants.On 2 meters, tropo openings to the west on late Saturday and even better Sunday morning produced some rare locators in Engl and and, france.Participants in the US and Canada (and their possessions) work stations in as many different.
I street sweeping dc 2015 see today that even Dallas-Fort Worth hams with great antennas are working into Europe.