lays flavour contest 2015

If you aren't doing much traveling this summer, don't worry because Lay's has got you covered with their 2015 'Do Us A Flavor' Potato Chip Contest finalists.
They include flavors like Summer Pad Thai, Pickle Juice, and even Balsamic Pomegranate Parmesan.
Past winners include Cheesy Garlic Bread and Kettle Cooked Wasabi Ginger.
Related 15 Ingenious Ways to Use Potato Chips in Your Cooking.Voting to determine the top chip flavour runs from Aug.Spicy Raspberry JalapeƱo, golfnow coupon code 2016 pickle Juice, texas Style Slow Smoked Brisket, summer Pad Thai.McDonald's new lobster value meal will cost you.In 2013, the winner was Cheesy Garlic Bread, followed by Wasabi Ginger in 2014 and Southern Biscuits and Gravy in 2015.Generally whichever one I enjoyed the least.These chips are neither.
Flat chips using sage and sour cream to simulate the effect is not quite the same thing.

Who is eating weak chips at a deli?The four flavours, which will be available in stores in early August for a limited time, are: Cowboy BBQ Beans on Lays Wavy by Brenda Boghean of Calgary, inspired by rodeo food in Western Canada.Gravy is supposed to make things warm and moist.And The Winner.Potato chip enthusiasts can head to the.If they sold packets of gyro-flavored Ramen at the grocery store, these chips would taste like the flavor packet.Nor did it happen in 2014, when my admittedly underdog selection.Beef Wellington, california Roll, chicken Tamales, lay's.There were millions of submissions, Frito-Lay reps announced and the four finalists each get a minimum of 50,000 for making it this far.Take the same spices one would use on truffle fries, which are sliced potatoes, and place them on chips, which are also sliced potatoes.Eating meals is for those with too much time on their hands.
Lays Wavy West Coast Truffle Fries.
Mind you they are the best when they are fluffy white biscuits and warm white gravy with little bits of sausage.