legend pool cleaner troubleshooting

If power is being received to the power supply, but the cleaner is not moving, we need to trace the problem towards the cleaner.
Use a flat-head screw driver to remove this screw.
Pressure Pool Cleaner no fault divorce new york effective date is Slow Check the inline strainer(s) for debris that is slowing down the water flow to the cleaner.
Secure the turbine shield and cover with the three screws you removed earlier.Do this by gripping both sides of the wheel and pulling straight off the axle. .Some newer models have adjustments that will raise the cleaner slightly, but this may compromise its vacuuming ability.Visit our pool cleaner parts department for all of these parts mentioned.Step 20, place the new turbine assembly in the housing secure it using the four screws.Well begin working on the body of the cleaner.Step 25 Once the wheel is in place, tighten the axle screws then secure the wheel in place with the plastic screw.Ayesha Aslam InTheSwim Staff Blogger shop related products.Loose wheels or loose drive belts can cause your cleaner to behave sluggishly.The hose swivels should rotate freely.Pressure Pool Cleaner Does Not Move Pressure pool cleaners need to have about 30 psi to operate (17 psi for low-pressure cleaners like the Polaris 360 or Letro Legend II).For a suction pool cleaner that is not working at all, the first step is to check the cleaner hose to make sure that it is firmly attached to the suction line in the skimmer or to the dedicated cleaner line if your pool.Overview, pressure-side Power Without the Expense of a Booster Pump.Step 31 Next, install the new debris valve.If it is, and the motor is not responding to the power, this may be signaling the need for a new drive motor.The power supply should have an indicator light indicating that power is being received.
Step 21, before re-installing the turbine cover and shield, inspect the hose clamps and replace them if necessary.
Check that the booster pump is operating, and the filter pump should also be running at the same time.

Products Cleaners Kreepy Krauly Legend II Pressure-Side Inground Pool Cleaner.Step 30 Install the new ballast float to the mark you made earlier.Step 17, next, remove the four axles.This guide will walk you through the process.Pressure Cleaner Feed Hose Becomes Tangled Measure the hose to ensure that it is adjusted to the proper length for the pool size too much hose will cause tangling.Repeat this process for the remaining 3 wheels.11 oclock is the default setting, but placing it at 1 oclock will give the cleaner an opposite cleaning pattern.This usually occurs at a point near the cleaner, where the stress on the cord is the greatest.The floating power cord for your robotic pool cleaner should be firmly plugged into the power supply transformer, which is plugged into an outlet.But thats usually not the case most of the time, your pool cleaner just needs a few tweaks here or there, or some pool cleaner parts, and its off and running again without the need for a visit from the National Guard!Slight water loss around the hose swivels is normal.
Large vacuum inlet handles small and large debris with ease.
Gently push them into place.