lego giveaway october 2017

Kids get an exclusive keychain and activity book at this trading event.
Four of the most accomplished women in stem are about to be celebrated with the highest pop culture accolade in America: a uplay shop discount code Lego set in their honor.The module is encircled by an orange floatation ring as well as yellow balloons.Weinstock said in a statement, adding, "With this project, I wanted to spotlight a fantastic group of women who have made seminal contributions to nasa history.Heres a closer look at the Astronaut microfigures.That gift card giveaway blog said, its not completely perfect, there are some fiddly bits such as the white tail fins at the base of the rocket which gymboree coupon codes 2015 kept falling out every time I tried moving the rocket about.
The black stripes are deftly executed, and I really love the printed curved slopes with USA printed on them.
Sitting above the third stage is a conical compartment which houses the lunar module inside!

Every now and then, lego puts out a set that redefines what it means to the medium.The packaging of the Saturn V is a bit of a hit and miss.Ive had the craziest few weeks at work which left little to no time for much lego-related activities as I was prioritising time with family.You can easily remove each stage, which is connected to one another by clips.Thats probably due to the high piece count of the set, which necessitated the use of a regular lego box but it is one of the most attractively designed boxes ever and is still fairly collectable.The hatch is printed which is another really nice touch and there plenty of cool little details which give the model plenty of much-needed texture.
One of the most underrated features of this set is its educational value.