loudest burp contest

Booger wins the contest (by releasing a belch that goes on for nearly a minute).
Mr Sharp had one relatively extended yet audibly unsuccessful attempt.8 decibels before a hearty and robust belch registered 110.6 decibels.
Then there's this bit of dialogue after Homer becomes an artist (something that has always been Marge's dream.) Marge : How would you feel if I won.a belching contest?
Jade and Libby end up having to combine their powers to destroy the device and win the tournament.In, revenge of the Nerds, Dudley "Booger" Dawson goes up against Ogre in one during the Frat Olympics.In the Ed, Edd n Eddy episode "For The Ed, By The Ed Ed and Eddy have one of these while emptying bottles of soda to pawn.The winning belch actualy blows his opponent right off of the desk.Alf belches, and his friend chastises him with a cry of "Alf!" He, Completely Missing the Point, replies with, "No, no!This also happens in Geek Charming."You win again, you magnificent beast!".Badger : (spits forth a horrific belch that defies the very heavens in its volume and depth) Chosen One : (applauds) In Mass Effect 3, Eve, a female krogan, reveals that newborn krogan are named by all the men in the clan getting drunk and.In summer camp movie Meatballs, camp counselor Tripper Harrison has a friendly belching contest with one of the campers.The third chapter involves a burping contest that Fiona wins.Whatever happens to sound like a word becomes a name.
The proud burper told local Darwin media that he green home sweepstakes learnt how to belch as a child after his sister taught him to gulp air, and that breaking the record had "always been" a bit of a personal goal.

Homer Simpson had one with Jay Sherman in their crossover episode.Parodied, as was the film itself, in the Family Guy episode "Wasted Talent where they have fart to get out.Eddy urges Edd to join in, but Edd seemed incapable of letting out a single belch, until he lets out a huge one during one of his sentences.One of the "outtakes" from Pixar 's A Bug's Life had Tuck and Roll (the pillbugs) interrupting a scene to have themselves a burping contest.In, willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, Charlie and Grandpa Joe have one of these to serve a very practical purpose: they need to release the gas they've ingested from Wonka's Fizzy Lifting Drinks in order to avoid floating to the ceiling and being sucked.In the sequel, Booger meets an old Asian guy who's even more of a slob then he is, and responds to Booger's belch with a longer, louder belch of his own.Burping Contest is exactly what it sounds like.One Muppet Babies episode featured a burping contest between rocks.In Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Bloo and a snobby imaginary friend named Blake Superior have a musical contest involving different bodily functions.In certain cultures, burping after the meal means you apreciated it, and NOT urping is unpolite.