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People have many stereotypes about Lululemon employees: They all do yoga.
It could be an innocent mistake but I am not so sure.Internal promotions are usually based solely on likeability with your boss, and in a company that is 95 women, its all about whether you can tow the line safely.They can alter your pay in store vouchers based on how much they like you.In the store, do you see a lot more women than men?They don't always buy something, but they definitely try things.I have customers that I know by name.He brought all the groomsmen into the store and was like, check my rebate status comcast "You have to no scam sweepstakes get these boxers!We'll make an exception, and we've never seen it happen twice with the same person.One thing about Lululemon is, once an item is gone, it might not come back.Do you have any regular customers?Its background conversation to openly say that you dont like a product.It's more women than men, for sure, but during the holidays a lot of men come in because they're shopping for the ladies.It's not only thin people who work out.I laugh because that's something my boyfriend says too.Of course, I like to splurge every now and then, but I try to keep Paleo.We always recommend you wash it on cold, no fabric softener, hang to dry.
What's the best thing about your job?
I love everyone I work with.

Lululemon's sizes run pretty small, and you don't have anything bigger than a size.I have never seen someone push a sale at my store.They value straight males above any other type of employee- having a penis is like a constant get out of jail free card.Advertisement - Continue Reading Below, what are your daily responsibilities?She was like, "Yeah, I don't really care about underwear lines.It's something you can really work out in and it's really technical, and at the same time you look fashionable.For a lot of people, it is what you make.A different store manager didnt like one of the floor managers under them and changed meetings to mornings because she couldnt go at that time for medical reasons.And theyll smile at you regardless of whether they give you a bad reference or not.Advertisement - Continue Reading Below, people definitely have this idea that Lululemon employees eat healthy.
It's really cool to get to hear feedback on that because you can see what one person did, and what they did or didn't like.