mechanics and criteria for judging a declamation contest

The first one who got the correct answer will be declared a art scholarship contests high school students winner.7.
This is an educational activity and all feedback is welcome.
Do you know my mother?Each consists of three (3) rounds easy, average and difficult, which will be composed of 10 questions per round.When society systems failAnd someone goes to jail O!Academic wizards general contest rules AND mechanics1.Questions cover Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimals and Problem Solving.Kids Honors' Circle Mechanics and Guidelines.Dear, have I hit a miss?Structurally, Declamation is quite simple.Participants will be given a maximum ofthree (3) minutes to finish their piece.
The criteria for judging: Mastery of the Piece 40 Delivery 30 Gestures and Facial Expressions 10 Costume 10 Overall Impact 10 Total 100.
Eye contact is important, all body language and vocalizations need to work with the piece to help better convey the message.

Poster making contest.The criteria for judging: Voice Quality (modulation/tone) 30 Diction (pronunciation/enunciation) 30 Stage Presence 30 Overall Impact 10 Total 100 Contact Numbers:.Please Luis, hide in the cellar, therein the cellar were they cannot find you, I pulled my fathers arm but he did not move.Anyway, no one judge can make or break you.The topic/theme will be given right after reading the mechanics for the category.Then suddenly, we heard a voicecall, Consuelo OscarConsuelo OscarConsuelo Oscar we ran towards the direction of thevoice, but it was too late.Personal data and school affiliation of the participants shall not be available to the judges to ensure impartially of their decisions.Specific rules include: Speech must have been previously delivered in public (by a government official for example).
When you work hardCountries are suffering in health and poverty Indulging in good not badWhilst others are enjoying wealth and And life rewards make you so gladproperty I call it Justice!
The criteria for judging are the following: Coordination and timing promotional code boots travel insurance 40 Originality / creativity 40 Overall Impact 20 Total 100.