michelin tire rebate costco 2015

I said we have brought the car into them, and they have rotated the tires; he looked at the computer and confirmed, but said that this was an alignment issue and he would do nothing for.
After a year, I had finally had enough.
For an average person, Costco starbucks discounts for students is probably better - you drop the car off and go shopping.
Now that we no longer live near a Costco I use Discount Tire because it is a big headache to have to drive an hour to Costco to fix a flat when I have a Discount Tire 10 blocks away.Top bigirish, posts: 28, joined: Thu Feb 28, 2013 11:50.Harry Sit, taking a break from the forums.Usually there is a rebate to boot, so I save quite a bit.On average its at least an hour sometimes up to 3 depending on how busy they are.I weighed ours with a full tank of water but the compartments were empty, I was 1100 over, with that being said I ran the tires on the rear at 80 psi and I installed a tire pressure monitoring system.It gives me time to research them before making a decision.And we did make promo codes for walmart canada an appointment at one of the larger city Costcos.I swung by Costco to see if they could be any help and the guy there said normally they wouldn't fix a tire that wasn't purchased there.Their warranty is worthless and Shane was worthless).He then started typing and looked up and said he could sell me 4 brand new twisted tea contest tires for 568.

Pre-Order 50 Stem Valentine's Day Roses.99 Delivered.The price is quite good and Costco is almost always running a sale price of usually 70 off a set of four.I ordered my tires online and they were shipped to the store.The second closest store has no appointments.That is what happened.For a car guy like me, that's better experience.I would rather take my chances with a real tire shop and use Costco for paper towels and toilet paper.I priced tires at costco and it was cheaper going through the dealership after the price match and rebates.It's cheaper, but is a little less convenient and you have to be willing to take the time to sort through the many available options.Our mechanic mentioned that the car was in good shape except for the 2 front tires which were at 1/32.Of course, you'll pay through the nose for all those freebies.