miss reef chile 2012 contest gallery

This gallery is from the Miss Reef Chile 2012 contest recently held.
Reef Chile marketing manager Felipe Gonzalez said that organisers had been considering the future of events and discussing it with contestants amid protests, but decided to go ahead with a focusing on the healthy lifestyle of entrants.
The group's director of studies Jose Gurrero said: "In the Miss Reef it is clear which is the only area of the physical (body) that matters.The winner is selected to."In life there has to balance and not only does the brain have to be cared, but also the physical body.".One contestant Maria Eugenia Vegas said: "This type of contest emphasises what women evoke which is sensuality.The winner is selected to go to Hawaii to participate in the overall global Miss Reef contest to be held later this year.Email us at or call.This gallery is from the Miss Reef.Miss Reef Chile 2017 is being staged this week in the city Los Andes featuring a bevvy of 10 beauties who land of nod coupons are judged on their booties."It is unfortunate that Chilean society applauds this type of act, which leaves women as an object and not as a political actor with rights.".EPA, contestants such as Belen Cabezas are judged on their booty, but organisers insist their lifestyles are also taken into account.At least three firefighters were reportedly been killed while tackling the blazing infernos with the woodland fires spreading at a speed of 4,200 metres per hour.
He said: "We decided to do it because we think we will find a healthy girl who works her body in a positive way.
A similar event in Argentina was shelved earlier this year for the first time in 24 years after criticism by feminist groups, and it was suggested Chilean organisers would cancel their version as well.

ES_store_logo, men, women, apparel, kids.Mrs Reef Chile 2012 Competition! .James Stunt slams claims 90m raid was a con - and says he wasn't insured.We pay for your stories!EPA, feminist groups claim the contest which features bikini-clad models acts to promote 'violence against women'.Final smile, dad posts pic of daughter, 8, an hour before 'knifing her to death'."The event has been changing because the mentality of society has changed, the idea is to leave the woman on top, maybe in a few years it will no longer be called Miss Reef.".But event bosses have refused to bow to complaints and insisted they promote respect for women, reports the Panama news site.Though I find it hard to believe that any combination of women in bikinis can top this. .Though books giveaway singapore I find it hard to believe that any combination of women in bikinis can top this. .