morillon sweep augers

The Spirogyre is available in two models: S with an overhead worm gear motor and SCD with a motor underneath for safer operation and service access.
Option hydraulic, this example of morillon know-how in the extraction of difficult products combines the structure of a traditional spirogyre screw with the hydraulic motor unit used on hydrascrews for the most difficult products whose angle of inclination may occasionally exceed.
The fully automatic design of the spirogyre provides a safe and reliable reclaim inside the silo removing the need for personnel to enter the silo (zero entry).
Main forward, wheel, robustly built squirrel cage type.Options : silo floor wiper brushes, atex certification.Advantages, tYPE «S spirogyre "S the electric motor is inside the silo.This new free download of winrar password remover version also offers high discharge capacities up to 500 TPH (for wheat) and meets the requirements of port storage or larger storage capacities up to 42m in silo diameter.Advantages, option, additional wheel, optimizes emptying time and.
Advantages : High torque, sturdy, low space requirement.

Advantages : high torque, suitable to intensive use, resistant to product avalanches, easy maintenance, level and parking position detectors included.Hydraulic, this example of morillon know-how in the extraction of difficult products.Advantages, tYPE «SCD spirogyre "SCD" the motor is off-centred under the silo.They are available for silos with diameters from 5 to 35 metres.Spirogyre S : the electric motor is inside the silo, mounted directly on a reduction gear driving the screw.Forward motion in the silo is achieved via a transmission with a rubberised segmented wheel for safe operation.Power supply is ensured by a rotary current collector.Spirogyre is a robust sweep auger to meet the requirements of industrial use.Supporting beams, these ensure complete rigidity for the morillon screw and.
Option, cleaning brush, this option, combined with a carefully constructed flat.