national geographic nature photo contest 2012

Such was the siriusxm coachella contest case this year for Irina Shayk, a diesel rebate Russian beauty whose bronze skin and green eyes have made her a Swimsuit regular since 2007.
The magazine also looked for a symbolso Richard Turley, creative director immediately zeroed in on a mask.
The families gathered at a Manhattan studiopoignantly on Father's Dayfor portraits taken by Nigel Parry.
I do prefer this frame, since it has the entire ice edge.Grand Prize and Nature Winner, paul Souders, Seattle, Washington, the Ice Bear.Dech beroucí podívanou sktají stránky soute 2010 International Conservation Photography Awards, kde se pokocháte vskutku pikovmi ukázkami krajináskch fotografií.Or Burton and Taylor.2011: "Mila Kunis" (Photograph by Terry Richardson) The editors description of the cover: "Just open the August 2011 issue and you'll find Mila Kunis looking sultry and super-sexy.And I actually got paid to.
And to ensure that readers' meals lived up to their fire-stoked fantasies, parade presented a Summer Eating Guide inside that was packed with enough grilling tips, techniques, and recipes to satisfy the hungriest hordes.

The result was a cover that was intense as it was beautiful and a true celebration of a remarkable body.For the cover, Stephen Lewis photographed an eye-popping bright yellow poppy, brimming with life, sprayed with water bubbles." Finalist espn The Magazine, Oct.They scrapped it and spent all night finalizing this special issue.Ultimately, the judges unanimously agreed the Grand Prize should be awarded to Paul Souders for his image of a polar bear lurking beneath melting sea ice in Hudson Bay, Canada.Once it won its category in BBC (but failed to win the grand prize I kept staring at the lower right hand corner, where the ice edge is cropped, and it started to bug.The editors deliberately chose a model representing the extremity of the story's idea, and photographed her in the pose made iconic by Demi Moore on the cover of Vanity Fair, her belly was plumped with a prosthetic pillow, then carefully retouched to look real.Iooss' cover shot came one year after his father, Walter., snapped his eleventh Swimsuit cover.Monica: What are your thoughts on entering photo contests?This stack of Pecan Praline Griddle Cakes from Maxine's on Main, in Bastrop, Texas, fit the bill of being a perfect breakfast, with a wink and a nudge to Texas in a well-shaped pat of butter.When America's gutsiest grillmeister, Guy Fieri, broke out a blow-torch to blast a hunk of meat on this cover, he lived out the dreams of every backyard pit boss we know.The somber black and white image (shot by NYU student Yoni Brook) projected a reflective calm and quiet emblematic of the story we were telling.
After realizing the photographer had won an award in another contest for a very similar photo, we thought it would be interesting to hear from Paul directly.
I didnt fire until she came up to breathe and take a look at me, and I kept firing the shutter as she submerged again.