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More information is available in the Melamine Update.
Melamine-contaminated wheat gluten, imported from China, was identified as the likely source of the toxic agent.Heavily populated states are more commonly represented (e.g.No matter what formula you choose, you can be sure that it will truly be The Food For a Lifetime!All 13 Coupons 3 Deals 10 Free Shipping.However, the crystals in the urine and renal tubules appear to be a melamine cyanurate.Melamine, a non-protein nitrogen fertilizer (used in China) and component of plastics such as formica is currently the most likely suspect compound because it has been found in the affected gluten and foods.The most consistent finding is that blood values for BUN/creatinine and phosphorus are elevated.A: Many affected individuals have refractile globular crystals in the urine and in the renal tubules.
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Q: Why are so many different brands of pet food affected?

A more complete discussion of the melamine/cyanuric acid story can be found in the melamine update.Testing in 3 laboratories has identified cyanuric acid in the contaminated food and in crystals from cat urine.However, Natural Balance has recalled several of its foods, despite the fact that no wheat gluten has been used in the manufacture of their products.While the story is becoming clearer, new disney store coupons online code complications have recently emerged.To be certain that you are up-to-date, it check the American Nutrition Inc.Premium Pet Food That is Truly The Food For a Lifetime.Remember, the numbers represent the responses of survey participants, and represent reports by participating colleagues, we can only guess at how this extrapolates to the total numbers affected.News reports and personal experiences/opinions.
California, New York, Washington, Ohio, Florida etc) Approximately twice as many cats (1100) appear affected as dogs (600).