nba live 2009 dunk contest controls

Holding down R the whole way tap y near the foul line then twirl the left joystick twice (fast)then hold y uuntil the player is finished his first turn then let go of y and you will complete the the second turn automatically and.
Because it is hard 2 explain.
A: Use RAS to toss ball and perform the tricks on cue.
CW from 6 to 9 toss ball from left back using right hand.RC from 6 to 9 and Hold right right leg kick from left side (While All-Star SD contest, contribute by bumdude) Press D-pad left / right while tossing ball: throw off-screen hit left / right Big Screen.Since I never try it before.Fun Dunks probably not a good dunk use in SD contest mode since it gives you not much point in SD contest (Except Jordan's 1 hand windmill tricks) *RAS # indicate toss skill from toss list Fun Dunks: Start from 3-pt line left / right.CW from 3 to 6 or RC from 9 to 6 turn back and toss ball down.Atlanta Hawks* Dunk: 84 Al Harrington Dunk: 99 Josh Smith *Boston Celtics* Dunk: 80 Paul Pierce Dunk: 87 Ricky Davis Dunk: 82 Tony Allen Dunk: 85 Gerald Green *Charlotte Bobcats* Dunk: 90 Gerald Wallace Dunk: 85 Emeka Okafor *Chicago Bulls* Dunk: 80 Ben Gordan *Cleveland.By, celebCelestial, nBA live 2006 Slam Dunk Guide.There is an easy way to master it, just simple get in SD contest mode and toss it until google store coupon code free shipping the time runs out, just simply restart the SD contest and you will be able to continue to practise, but make sure you set yourself.2nd, try to use normal dunk such as s T, O, X, S or T O, X and others.Additional Example List 06ael These are some example provided from me myself to share with you.Pearl Moore contributed information added.Introduction 02int, i want to find a guide to help me in Slam Dunk Contest.Great contributor "Rodney Ryan" provide invaluable information.

Anyone who knows the result, please have an e-mail.CW from 3 to 9 turn back and perform down toss ball and bounce.Unfortunately, he's out before final* The followings are original dunker available in All-Star SD Contest.RAS control indicate the direction shows in regular analog clock).Other same year dunker are.Iguodala, uodamire and 2005's SD contest defending champion JS (Josh Smith).This dunk gives your descent score.Try perform the simple basic Jordans dunk or other dunk.It is hard to explain the location very details.The back dunk - jump with x the hold L and hit b and he will pull it behind his back and release b when it reaches his other hand.this dunk gets 50 most of the d the cover the eyes dunk is pretty cool.The following dunks probably help's you earn some point in SD Contest!