netflix instagram contest winners

Its a no-brainer that entrants should have to follow your Instagram account to enterbut what you ask them to do after that (like to win, re-post, post a photo, etc.) will depend on how youll measure the sears ge coupon code success of the contest.
Do you also have an obsession with Instagram?Grab a team and set to work brainstorming.These formats tend to be the most popular: Follow to win: Users must follow your Instagram page to be entered.You might even consider earned click on detroit contests media like old-fashioned press releases to get the message out there, particularly if your contest is specific to your community.Netflix does not google store promo code chromecast specify what subjects should be photographed for the contest, but they suggest applicants choose pictures that express their interests and passions.The company hasn't said which locales the grammasters will visit except that they will be "the sets of popular movie, shows and Netflix originals.".
There are no bad ideas when coming up with a hashtag; often, the more outrageous the better.

They only ask that you make it clear that its not sponsored or affiliated with Instagram and that you dont incorrectly tag contentor ask other users to do that.Tag to win: Get users to tell their friends about your contest (and, by extension, your brand) by asking them to tag their friends to enter.To capture the interest of fickle consumers who live with the constant blare of social media traffic, youve got to be creative, enterprising and make them an offer they cant refuse.Design a Contest that Complements Your Brand.Ensure there are direct links to the contest everywhere you can get them.I'd wish you luck, but if I'm being honest, I want the gig for myself.If youre planning to use the UGC you generate, be sure to insert the right legalese to make it legit.Modifying, enhancing, or altering someones else work will not qualify to get the job.
Take time to fold the UGC you collected into your brand marketing campaign and website and start planning your next Instagram contest!