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The Nature Talks Photo Contest 2016 is open for nature photographers worldwide, both professional and non-professional.View gallery - 2 images, when a hawk folds its wings, it plummets to the earth in a controlled high-speed dive.Díky vem lidem, kteí nás pili podpoit a zakoupili si obleení a módní doplky se nám podailo vybrat ástku 450 000 korun, která pjde v plné vi na vybavení domov lidí s postiením a sdruení Dobr Andl, kter pomáhá rodinám postienm rakovinou.Admin, september 2, 2016 all subject, free Entry, Open to Worldwide, Photo Contest 2016, Photo Contest Website, Yearly Contest No Comments Streamers invites photographers to reveal the development of projects from conception to completion, in a continuous online process that presents works of art.Source: nasa, view gallery - 2 images.The Environmentally Responsible Aviation project, for example, has been working on bendable wings.
Not exactly the kind of scenario we'd imagine being ideal for modern aircraft.
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The professional and amateur photographers all are invited in Continue Reading.Nasa plans to test these ideas on the scale model ptera (Prototype-Technology Evaluation and Research Aircraft) in the spring of 2017.Já si vybrala cestovat a musím íct, e je to skvlá jízda).Admin, september 5, 2016, ending Soon, Open to Worldwide, Photo contest, Photo Contest 2016, no Comments.Most wing articulation is currently accomplished with heavy, bulky actuators that are usually hydraulic rather than electric.There exchange tesco vouchers for pizza express hasn't been much change in how they work since the 1960s.So far, articulating wings on airplanes have largely been for parking purposes, to allow planes to take up less space on an aircraft carrier's decks or fit into smaller hangars.Barbara Nesvadbová, Olga Dvoák a Jakub Knz, editel obanského sdruení etincelle).Aircraft, aaron Turpen, october 23rd, 2016 2 pictures, we are revisiting folding-wing aircraft, says nasas Matt Moholt, because new technologies that did not exist in the 1960s allow actuation to be put in tighter wings, in smaller volumes.(Credit: nasa).That will coincide with ground-based tests of full-sized actuators capable of scale wing articulation.Admin, september 3, 2016 all subject, Open to Worldwide, no Comments, calling all the Shutterbugs!