obfuscated c contest flight simulator

One of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II 's claims to daily deals fresno fame is its use of the GameCube's TEV (Texture EnVironment) pipeline to create the shader used for spacecraft targeting computers.
This allowed an expansion bracket to fit an ISA or PCI card.A slightly modified version of "Rave Dancetune which is reprogrammed to utilize two Genesis YM2612 chips concurrently, can be heard here in its full glory.Even with more than 20 enemies and bullets on the screen, there is usually little to no slowdown.Wanna know what's even more impressive?ROM Hacks in general, especially when they go beyond what you'd think the game engine or even the system was capable of, for example: Brutal Mario /Super Kitiku World and its massive use of custom assembly to do things Super Mario World wouldn't do otherwise.How did they do it?The Nintendo 64 version of Resident Evil 2 is/was noteworthy for squeezing a two-disc PlayStation game (1.2 GB filled with voiced dialogue and full-motion discount pool kits coupon video cutscenes, on a 64 MB cartridge, fully intact.You can read about many of the tricks they used in Andy Gavin's postmortem for the game.This bit of design saved the mission.The PC version has over 20 textured 3D models and enough star systems to fill the entire Milky Way, yet fits on a single.4MiB floppy.As another example to prove how much of a technical achievement they pulled with this game, Crash's model is one full mesh.Granted, it takes an hour of painstaking movements and one mistake could mean starting over, but you're effectively reprogramming memory without so much as an address editor.and create said address editor, which can be stored and loaded through a save file.

They cut their teeth on the first Crash Bandicoot.One disadvantage of this method is due to the fact that the resulting obfuscation is not reliable and can be truncated during the compilation/optimisation phase.High Efficiency Advanced Audio coding w/ Parametric Stereo.Meet Nano Assault Neo.It managed to do things on the PlayStation that should have been literally impossible, including implementing an entire LOD system on the CPU and having it run in real time.Essentially, it implements the compilation process itself as a language feature, meaning that the compiler is infinitely customizable.This is to be expected from the expert programmer Yuji Naka.The developers also had to write their own programming language for the game because they were doing things that no one had ever even attempted to do before.Two words: motion controls.The obfuscation program also acts as close to machine language as possible but with a good information level, and therefore enables a precise obfuscation.However, it doesn't matter, because 30-50 of the sales of a game are made in the first two months.
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