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Citation needed This is regarded as a high honor.
12 Contributions have included source code formatted to resemble images, text, etc., after the manner of ascii art, preprocessor redefinitions to make code harder to read, and self-modifying code.
Regardless of the goal, it is necessary to have full control of the problem at hand as well as the tools, such as the C language in this case.
Dlowe - A dc-style calculator that uses embedded Perl jarijyrki - An X-based spreadsheet program with graphing features!As a result, several of the past entries may not compile directly in a modern compiler, and some may cause crashes.Dds - basic compiler, heavily compressed fine - rot13s lines of input rince - game with sprites, boulders, dimonds, and keys westley - plays tic-tac-toe, compile output for next move, prints board 7th International Obfuscated C Code Contest (1990) baruch - short prog to solve.So how an earth did he do it?C by, andy Sloane / k;double sin,cos main float A 0,B0,i,j,z1760;char 2010 dunk contest highlights b 1760;printf x1b2J for i;i0.02)float csin(i dcos(j e h*ef*g5 lcos (i mcos(B ns in(B tc*h*g-f* e;int x4030*D* (l*h*m-t*n y 1215*D l*h*n t*m ox80*y, N8 f*e-c*d*g m-c*d*e-f*g-l *d*n if(22 y putchar(k80?bk:10.04;B.02!Also, please see this entry, which Jyrki did on his own.This page may be out of date.A b ioccc 2004 - Best Abuse of CPP ioccc.Such practise also makes one intimately familiar with the problem domain and what is truly relevant within.5, after a hiatus of five years starting in 2006, the contest returned in 2011.The entry was a program designed to output its own source code, and which had zero bytes of source code.9 We still aren't sure whether or not this is a useful program, but it's the first atomic fission we've seen in the ioccc.
The developer exclusive job platform.

The International Obfuscated C Code Contest, aLL 24th International Obfuscated C Code Contest (2015) burton - hex/decimal calculator dogon - X11 Minecraft demo duble - handwriting with Braille endoh1 - reaction-diffusion system http server endoh2 - hidden text quine endoh3 - 1984/mullender emulator endoh4.The overall winner is whoever produces the most unreadable, creative, and bizarre (but working) C program; various other prizes are awarded at the judges' whim.Ioccc 2004 - Best abuse of Indentation.It is currently the shortest known program that can print "Hello world".N jar.2 - lisp interpreter, compressed ovdluhe - monkey-typer following template, 'APE' identifiers paul - print fibonacci base 2 by simulating turing machine robison - apl-expression interpreter (binary written in C- roemer - prints e, script-pi shaped layout, _31415 identifiers tromp - squished tetris vanb.Update: We were told that Google has.7, each year, the rules of the contest are published on the ioccc website.6, the rules are often deliberately written with loopholes that contestants are encouraged to find and abuse.Obfuscated C Contest :.(subscription required) a b Jackson, Joab (November 15, 2011).Bourne shell, which used macros to emulate algol 68 syntax, and buggy version of finger for BSD.
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