oil tank sweep in new jersey

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Do you think there is a chance that there was a tank below the ground even before the house was built?, 08:20 AM Location: Northern NJ 6,359 posts, read 6,460,825 times Reputation: 9131": Originally Posted by nj97 Marc - we just looked at the.When the technician goes outside with the metal detector, hes going to actually sweep the outside of the property.If a suspicious object is discovered, we will require further evaluation and a full description of our findings will be described in the sweep report.BobKovacs 9,124 posts, read 30,923,358 times, reputation: 3501, are we talking about a 10 year old house, or a 100 year old house?So let's address your question: " So what if there is a tank underground and you never find out?
If hes not getting a consistent reading with the metal probe and doesnt have any other visual evidence of an underground tank, we can say its not an underground tank.
Natural gas service was established years after the house was built.

The UST is then cut open and the contents are removed and transported to a certified disposal facility. .We do whatever we can to speed up the process of getting you"s, getting the jobs on the schedule fast, performing the jobs quickly when were on site, win a free car canada and keeping the cost down.The report is written up and submitted via email to the client right on-site so it is instantly received. .An exploratory dig would be recommended.Visible fill and vent pipe coming from the ground.First, our highly trained and certified technician will look inside the home for clues that may indicate a past or current oil tank. .We will need access into the house.
Is the heating system forced hot air or hot water baseboard (less likely that forced hot air was oil in the past, but not impossible)?