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The Civil War, 1864 Virginia, Land War: The Battle of Cold Harbor.
Lee puts together a cavalry force with Fitzhugh Lees two brigades on one wing and Wade Hamptons on the other.
July 17 The Civil War, July 17-18, 1864 Virginia, Land War The Battle of Cool Springs/Island Ford/Parkers Ford.This lasts until October.March 8 wwii, 1944 Air War, Germany The US 8th Army Air Force launches a massive daylight precision raid on the Erker Ball-Bearing Works, Berlin.Grant did not advance directly on the city.A Union brigade is beaten back with heavy casualties while probing Richmonds defenses.The US Marine Security Guard Detachment comes under the overall command of Sub-Unit 1, 1st Angelico, and the Marine Advisory Unit, as the only US Marine Commands remaining in Vietnam.Prices doomed expedition suffers further heavy loses after a Union artillery and infantry attack at Marais des Cygnes Missouri, Land War The Battle of Marmiton River/Shiloh Creek/Charlots Farm.April 19 Planning D-Day, 1944 Security, Communications: The diplomatic movement ban is extended to include military personnel of the governments-in-exile in Great Britain.Wwii, 1944 Politics, Romania: In reply to a Romanian mission regarding the conditions for an armistice between Romania and the Soviet Union, Moscow demands that Romania break with the Germans, that its forces fight alongside the Red Army, and insists on the restoration of the.February 9 World War II, 1945 Western Front, France Following Allied pressure against the Colmar Pocket, Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt, German commander-in-chief in the west, convinces Hitler to pull back the Nineteenth Army across the Rhine.The Civil War, 1864 Virginia, Land War The Battle of Fishers Hill.These efforts failed, so the agents decided instead to attempt to burn New York City.Then they assembled in the classroom and were checked against their police identity cards to ensure all were present.November 14 World War II, November 14-22, 1940 Balkans, Greece Greece launches a major counterattack and 3400 British troops, plus air support, arrive from Alexandria, Egypt.It is created by Macleod and a staff of 30, who generate enough radio traffic between Edinburgh, Stirling and Dundee to convince the Germans that there is a force of 250,000 men, complete with armoured division and tactical air support, being organized to strike across.Union attacks against Richmonds defenses at Fair Oaks and Darbytown Road fail, with 600 Federals being taken prisoner.

June 18 wwii, 1944 Western Front, France: US Forces reach the west coast of the Cotentin Peninsula, Normandy, trapping the German garrison in Cherbourg.The Civil War, June 21-24, 1864 Virginia, Land War: The Battle of Jerusalem Plank Road/First Battle of Weldon.Hitler is furious; The man should have shot himself just as the old commanders threw themselves on their swords.Lees 58,000-strong army is in position first.No civilians will be allowed into an exclusive ultimate fighter contestants 2014 zone extending 16km (10 miles) inland from the coast, and residents will only be permitted to travel a few miles from their homes.June 29 wwii, 1944 Western Front, France: The port of Cherbourg finally surrenders to forces of the US VII Corps.However, it is defeated.Instead of landing around.The Confederate General Early sees an opportunity to turn its flank and receives permission from Lee to try.From Biggins Hill they mounted sweep patrols over the English Channel, probing the German defences of occupied Europe.Despite this and other local successes it is clear that Lees army is now pinned down around Richmond, and is growing steadily weaker.
The Vietnam War, 1971 South Vietnam, US Armed Forces: The 3rd Marine Amphibious Brigade turns over its last bases in Vietnam to the US Army at Camp Books.