online store marketing ideas

Better yet, a mobile app could keep your business top of mind with customers all year round.
State the URL slowly and spell out any words that arent easily understandable to ensure phone callers will have time to not only write down your URL, but get it right the first time.
Below youll find 34 easy, yet effective, ways to promote your online shop through various avenues.
If you dont do everything you can to promote your online shop, who will?For example, ICreateBeautifulThings or SassyJewelryMaker is better than Shannon543267.No matter what email provider you use, you should have a custom email signature that includes the URL to your store.Quality blog posts will help you grow your online business, however, so if you have the time, its a great project to invest.Be creative with your promotion campaigns.Start a Referral Program What better way to boost your online traffic than by offering current customers a discount or free item for referring their friends?By Justin Butlion, the Content and Social Marketing Manager at Yotpo.Get Your Staff Involved Have your staff wear buttons and/or printed T-shirts that say Shop us online at (insert URL here) during shifts at your brick-and-mortar location if you have one, and/or at any local events you have a presence.The place to be a little more creative and descriptive is with your product descriptions.More holiday campaign ideas for your online store?With a special landing page for festive offers, its your chance to introduce all holiday-hot-sales items with good deals, and delight customers.
For great examples of stores taking full advantage of social reviews check out the Facebook pages.
Even better: If you have the budget for it, get some reusable shopping bags printed with your business name, logo, and store URL on them and hand them out to customers who spend X amount of money.

Create holiday themed landing pages and holiday content for your online shop.How targeted it can be?Find out here: (insert shortened URL).You should also always include one or two of your business cards in each order.Holiday is coming real close, and its the biggest chance for every business to grow revenue, especially for online retailers as people tend to spend 30 times higher for shopping than other times of the year.Spend some time researching an interesting topic in your industry and find a whole bunch points that you will cover in the infographic.Optimize Your Photos Give your photos good names so search engines can find you.By building trust from customers, youve opened the way to higher conversion rate and higher revenue naturally.Leverage Social Reviews to Automate Word of Mouth Marketing.Bonus: Free Social Media Graphics to Promote Your Business Letting your followers know youre a local business owner is important.Research who the top bloggers are in your industry (see above read through their posts to see what topics they normally write about, and then contact them about guest blogging opportunities.
Dont bribe them with free things for a positive review; focus on outstanding customer service and fast shipping instead and let app store card code scratched off your business great reputation build organically.
And while the inclusion of your products isnt guaranteed, you can up your chances by taking amazing photos of your products, and writing descriptive, typo-free product descriptions.