oprah winfrey ultimate car giveaway

These appear to be the bows they ended up going with, despite Oprah recalling in the podcast that she told her producers the bows should cover the whole hood of the car.
She explained to, entertainment Tonight that far from being an instantly happy surprise, for a brief moment there was total confusion among audience members, which she was trying to clear.The Color Purple star was given ET's Icon Award during the interview, marking over 40 years in the broadcasting business.Oprah made her producers replace the red bows on all 276 cars the night before the giveaway; she thought they were too small.NEW york (CNN/Money) - Leave it to Uncle Sam to spoil the party.The Butler actress, who has a net worth.2 billion according.The value of the cars to Pontiac was about.7 million.When Oprah Winfrey gave away 276 cars last week to the audience of her show, images of people laughing, jumping, crying - some hysterically - filled the airwaves and the give-away became aeropostale free shipping coupon codes stuff of legend.Oprah told them: 'That was an iconic moment. .Paramedics were in the studio that day in case anyone in the audience suffered a medical emergency from the shock of the giveaway.I just shared this at the dinner table the other night and my god-daughter, Gayle's daughter Kirby, said: "Have you ever told that story" and I said: "No but maybe I will tell it to Nancy O'Dell".'.While the show did offer a cash prize for those who didnt want to or couldnt pay the gift tax, some audience members complained to the press, which devastated the producers.
But now some of those eager prize-winners have a choice: Fork over 7,000 or give up the car.
We couldnt find any reports of them having to spring into action, but the audience was reportedly screaming so loudly that Oprah wasnt sure if they heard her explanation of what was happening.

Favourite moment: For the first time the 61-year-old chat show host revealed on Thursday the reason for her memorable outburst eleven years ago.The Oprah Winfrey Show paid the sales tax and registration for each car, but not the gift tax, which could be up to 7,000 for some audience members.Oprah Winfrey shouted: 'You get a car, you get a car to her studio audience in 2004, when she surprised each member by gifting them a vehicle.She explained to Entertainment Tonight that far from being an instantly happy surprise, for a brief moment there was total confusion among audience members, which she was trying to clear.Episode three of, making Oprah is worth a listen to learn what that day and the weeks leading up to it were like for Oprah herself, as well as her unflaggingly committed and optimistic producers who nearly killed themselves to pull it off.Published: 06:42 GMT, 20 November 2015 Updated: 08:33 GMT, 20 November 2015 25 shares 51, view comments, it's one of the best known and most parodied moments in television history.Sources: Making Oprah, OWN Channel, Autoblog.The keys placed inside boxes and handed out to each audience member were taped down so they wouldnt rattle inside the box when it was shook; if audience members knew a key was inside, the surprise would be ruined.Most of the people in the audience were identified by producers beforehand as being in need of a new car and hand-selected to attend.In order to whet your appetite for all those Oprah factoids, here are 6 things you probably didnt about Oprahs famous car giveaway.