past contestants on the voice

Well, it's still a bit early to ask, as he only won the show six months ago.
Season 8: Sawyer Fredericks, at 16 years old, Season 8's champ the one with the long hair and the penchant for bowler hats is still the youngest winner in the series' history.
In the summer of 2014, while on tour with other "The Voice" black friday online deals kmart winners, Chin released her debut album, "Count on my Love on Republic Records.But I thought wrong.Thats the longest Ive ever been away from my gal and both kids since they were born, says David of leaving his family for close to half a year in total.Cee Lo made some very good decisions this season, but this was not one of them.The Indianapolis-based married father of three has spent most of his post-"Voice" time performing around his home state, and he even appeared on Broadway in "Pippin" up until the show closed earlier this year.

Season 9: Jordan Smith, team Adam took home another victory on Season 9 with Jordan Smith, who took home the top prize.The former child star appeared in the John Hughes movie "Curly Sue" but also went through a dark period of alcohol addiction.There's word of a forthcoming single, titled "I'm Still Here sometime in 2015, but no date has been confirmed. But songs aren't the only thing worth speaking up for. .I came to California for the first time and I was just focused on one thing, and that was to make it far, says Hunte, who will record a song for the soundtrack of From the Rough, starring Taraji.Trevin Hunte hopes contestants use the early rounds to get used to singing for such large audiences, like he did.Related: The worst performances of all time on The Voice.America never seemed to really "get" Cody, but even his detractors must admit by now that there's been a lot less bam-bam on "The Voice" since this season's most charismatic showman exited during top eight week.He also set iTunes sales records during his run on the show earlier this year.