photo contest app reviews

Many app companies are offering solutions for page owners - but I want to focus on 2 free versions that have caught my attention: Woobox Edgerank Checker, contest Capture by Edgerank Checker.
AgoraPulse, agoraPulse is an awesome all-in-tool to manage your Facebook page.Difficult to re-post on your page - if entries (Likes/comments) must be on the original post, then re-sharing that post can cause confusion about how to enter.Creating a campaign was really easy, and they had a decent (but not overwhelming) selection of different types of contest to choose from.In this post, Ill explain some pointers on how to get a good social contest setup, but lets start off by looking at which Facebook contest app to use.Depending on the size of your Facebook audience, Shortstack may also work out a little bit cheaper for you.Shortstack also has an app for choosing a winner (available to members barcode discount only).Wishponds reporting dashboard makes it easy to view the performance of your contest in real-time.While I cant say Ive built a live app with them, their contest application builder is nice and intuitive, and has most of the options offered by the services above and below.Engagement is made easy with the ability to like and comment on entries within the platform.You could also incorporate an image into the contest, like this: Advantages, quick to launch, no cost to setup, delivers quick engagement on your page.Shortstack has a great looking tool called the " Contest Like/Comment Importer " - you might want to check it out if you're already a Shortstack member Heyo voucher code hotel com has announced they have a contest related tool in development called " Timeline Contest Creator ".Impressed by their campaigns results and Wishponds keep it simple, stupid approach, I decided to have a play around with their app.They also offer a number of other tools like landing page creators, email marketing automation, retargeting ads, and paid ads via Facebook, Google AdWords, etc.Exposes your page to more people quickly.Join me on this free webinar where Ill share the secrets behind the lead generation strategies of companies from Expedia and HP to startups like Crew and how theyre generating 1,000s of extra leads every month.While Id love to hear from some of their users in the comments, the thing that strikes me as unique about AgoraPulse is the depth and intelligence of their reporting system.
Dont run a month-long contest.

Wishponds platform turned out to be everything we envisioned with several submissions that we could easily manage and monitor.".The contest's content (rules, entry form, etc.) are housed on the tab app, which can be accessed via a link or via the thumbnails on a fan page: There are many variations of tab app contests: Sweepstakes Photo Contest Video Contest Instagram Contest Pinterest Contest.Should you run your upcoming contest: via a post on your page's timeline, or via a 3rd-party app (from Shortstack, Heyo, Tabsite, etc.).That's the 1 major downfall of running a page timeline contest - you don't have an email address to notify the winner.Pricing Free plans for Facebook Pages with up to 25,000 fans.For more app access, plans start at 29/month for small businesses. .Over 40 fully customizable engagement types available.Larger organizations will have more potential for legal problems when running a Timeline contest.No coding skills are necessary to se the app.
Wishponds Photo Contest App makes it easy to create your contest with your own branding, colors, and voting gallery.
Regardless of what tool you use to run the page timeline contest - if you use one at all - it's important to make sure you contest still abides by this advice we posted on a previous blog post : Make the prize relevant.