phrasal verb give up on

Give onto, significado: Da a (normalmente hacia un sitio o un lugar).
Ejemplos: Some shops give out coupons with discounts.Ejemplos: I do not trust this bus, it is giving off too much noise.The other day you gave me back five pounds.Significado: Emitir algo, como un sonido, luz u olor.Ryan has given up on diets.Give in, significa; Rendirse en el sentido de que si hay alguien, se dará por vencido/a, sucumbirá.Many flowers give off an aroma that attract us and we use it to decorate our rooms.
Mejor mirar los ejemplos: Ejemplos: She is trying to avoid you, but if you call her her, she will give.
My doctor gerber baby photo contest 2018 told me I should give up eating sweet desserts or I will have a problem related to diabetes.

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Ejemplos: My uncle gave up smoking after his father died of lung cancer.The scores of the final exam will be given out the next monday.Phrasal verb of the day: Step.You must give in the essay before monday.Phrasal verb of the day: Carry.Forget the diet, give in and have some chocolate.The garage give onto the lift.He says theyre no good for anyone.Phrasal verb del día: Spell Out.
The corridor give onto a small room.
Phrasal verb del día: Dying for.