pie contest trophy

Our ribs trophy looks so real you'll just want to it!
We have small chicken wing trophies for 2nd and discounted sunglasses voucher code 3rd place winners, cheap air coupon codes and many larger chicken wing trophies for the grand champion!
Trophy Stands: 7" T x 4" W x 4".Our chicken wing trophies are great for chicken wing cooking contest and chicken wing eating contests.Some of our most popular trophies are our hamburger trophies, rib trophies and chicken wing trophies!All trophies come with a free custom engraving.This cream pie trophy is perfect for both occasions!We also have pie trophies for pie baking contest and pie eating contests as well as hot dog trophies and cupcake trophies!This slice of cream pie has beautiful swirls and is sprinkled with cinnamon.This Cream Pie Trophy is perfect for your next pie eating contest or a pie baking contest. .If you are looking for a food trophy, then you've come to the right place.We even have a hamburger trophy cup!We even have some chicken wing trophies involving beer, like a chicken wing in a beer and some chicken wings sticking out of a beer.
When it comes to a chili cook off, we have many chili trophies to choose from!

You'll want to eat it right off of the base!We specialize in, custom Trophies, so if you have any Far Out ideas, just.We have many styles of hamburger trophies, from a simple cheeseburger on a base, to a double burger on a 3 columned super trophy!Many people buy our trophies for cooking contest or eating contests.Contact Us and we will gladly assist you.We have chili pepper trophies, bowl of chili trophies, and chili plaques!
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The ribs trophy is great for any BBQ ribs eating or cooking contests.