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Other Jobs edit There are many other jobs, but they have become forgotten or unused when the Third Generation comes out.
Not bad for a Pokemon that had defenses so bad it actually envies Gengar.
If you send out Castform, for example, the opponent will not be as prepared for it, because asda promotional codes very few people use Castform (never actually use Castform).
Contents, this section is probably the most important section of all.Ninjask's leftovers restored its health a little!Umbreon can use Mean Look and Baton Pass to Celebi and Celebi can use Perish Song.(Looking for a web dev).Physical Sweeper edit, physical Sweepers get their name because these Pokémon figuratively "sweep or take down many Pokémon.Haze, Roar, Whirlwind, Taunt, and priority moves all put Ninjask under a LOT of pressure to Baton Pass.Put Annoyers and Drainers together because most Annoyers find a way to replenish their HP, and it's usually from Leech Seed, Mega Drain, or Giga Drain.Mixed Sweeper edit, mixed Sweeper is merely a Sweeper that uses both Physical and Special Attacks.These Pokémon use Thunder Wave then Roar or Whirlwind so all of their opponent's team's Pokémon are Paralyzed.Overview, ninjask is an interesting Pokemon.This sets primary goal is to Baton Pass speed enter to win stuff when used on dedicated Baton Pass chains, or speed and attack when used on its own.Ninjask is too frail to Baton Pass attack any other way.These are very helpful if you encounter an opponent that tries to Paralyze your team to death, or if you have a Sleeping Pokémon on your team because it used Rest.There are also many EVs on Speed, since a Sweeper that attacks first takes less damage.
PHazers are very similar to Hazers, but they are more popular because many Pokémon learn Roar.
But besides that, thats awesome ninjask FOR THE WIN 10/24/16.

In fact, Steelix doesn't even need Rest because it takes so little damage from Physical Attacks.Contents, effect, false Swipe inflicts damage, but will leave the target with.Magnezone is there once again for Skarmory, and it's nice to have a Spiker to take off more damage as your opponent switches since this is a major Annoy team.36 Speed outruns Starmie and Choice Scarf Tyranitar while the rest of the EVs are thrown into Defense.However, they are expected to take more hits than Tanks, so this job is for people who biofinity rebate like to take their battles slow and steady.Steelix can never be a sweeper, but it serves its purpose as a Physical Tank well.
The last step is by far the hardest step.