proper sweeping techniques

The inside-hand-down position allows for good viewing of the skip's signals.
The best sweepers today are effective and efficient.
Cassandra Aarssen, a blogger, author, and,r, takes an approach similar to Makers: a smarter, not harder philosophy.
This results in the rock traveling farther.(And on a personal note, I really like.Example: On 24-second ice, one of your players normally throws.65 second draw split (time from back to hog).The skip then makes a line sweeping decision based on whether or not the rocks curl needs to be straightened out.The Foot Motion In the Delivery Section, the use of a slider was discussed.Sweeping pa rent rebate program 2015 Communication For the most part, sweepers judge weight and skips judge line.This was done to gain even greater control over the rocks curl.How Sweeping Works, first of all, let's discuss what is happening under the rock as it travels over the ice.Store using a tool holder to allow bristles to dry thoroughly and prevent bristles from becoming bent or damaged.Ultimately, a good clean sweep with a broom followed by a Swiffer-like wet mopping is a nice one-two punch to get your floors nice and sparkly.The more popular synthetic brooms have a fabric, such as Cordura, stretched over a padded surface.

Practice rolling with all four fingers of your left hand.The inside foot should also never cross the outside foot during the motion.Team sweeping refers to teams striving for similar sweeping styles.Good sweepers can add an additional 8 - 12 feet to a rock's distance.CurlTech teaches a sweeping style with the following main components: Body is Upright, inside arm down.The "throwing arm" side sweeper should always take the rock.
Don't try to separate the pick strokes!