requesting raffle prizes from companies

So if you do hear a no, dont be disheartened just move on to the next person and eventually youll get a yes!
A person is more likely to give a prize donation if it will positively affect them or their business.Asking people to raffle prizes donations can be intimidating, especially over the phone or face to face. .Search OUT companies, now this is the fun part!This includes soliciting a company or business to donate a prize for a raffle.Then make a huge list of all your ideas.There may be related organizations that can recommend donors who can provide you a raffle prize.Phone calling is best for companies that you really want donations from as it is hard for people to say no on the phone.This is not always the case so try a mixture.

Charity name is a charity that helps list what they.Most donation letters are typically short and simple.If you take this approach then you are sure to succeed.Emails over mail, from my experience letters get ignored (and are expensive) so unless there is no other contact option I dont bother with snail mail.These are great to use for a goody bag and for a door prize.Follow UP I found it the most exciting thing getting an email or letter in the post with a prize donation.Receiving a no is really the worst thing that can happen when asking for raffle prize donations.The best place to start when seeking donations for a raffle prize is to gather contact information for the people, local businesses, and contacts you already know.You can also include a short description explaining your fundraiser, but do not go overboard.I took 900 on raffle ticket sales alone!Then you can focus your attention on approaching the right type of business to ask for prize donations.
I am raising money for the charity name because are you doing it because they have helped you, you lost a friend or you feel passionate about their workadd a personal touch.
Contacting local attractions is a must as it is very easy for them to give admission passes: local theatres, farms, small theme parks, free ps vita giveaway manor houses, museums, soft play centres, Also contact small independent restaurants.