retail employee sales contest

Because its difficult to delineate progress without some type of visual element, charts and graphs that map headway made by salespeople have become common features in sales software.
Blueboard and see what we mean.Further adding to the suspense is that whoever sells the best cheap replica costa del mar sunglasses in the month doesnt necessarily win the game.Every time someone got a no, we tracked it in our system, and the person with the most nos received a 100 gift card every week, he explained.Employee Appreciation Checklist Infographic, a better office environment starts with YOU.Why It Works When you reward for effort, new and experienced salespeople alike are encouraged to participate.The pressure to reach the goal was so great that it encouraged the sales reps to work together and magnificently eliminated the rationing behavior in order to drive higher numbers and build better team chemistry.Keep It Simple, the game shouldnt require all of your employees mental capacity.That way everyone gets a chance to play and win.If you manage a high percentage of fantasy football lovers, consider a fantasy sales competition. .
As a result, her team developed strategies to improve packing upsells along with their moving services, and these skills stayed with them long after the contest ended.
Salespeople can forget or lose interest if the scoring is so far away.

Dont Wait, some retail managers make the mistake of waiting until the end of the week to post results or award prizes.A gift thats even smaller in value will often yield more excitement and encouragement.On the flipside, month-long contests run the risk of going stale.Choose a specific, measurable and attainable goal.In Europe, professional soccer is played at varying levels: the Champions League, the Premiere League, and the Relegation League.Not knowing whats inside the presents is also a strong motivator because it creates a variable rewards scenario.
A sales contest can do wonders to motivate your team but only when setup correctly.
This nearly doubled our outbound calls and motivated the whole team.