run to win the prize

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The "stadium or "race" plot in the chimney sweeps anderson sc which the believer runs, is this world, or this present life; he is only a runner now and here, for no sooner is the time of his departure come, but his course or race is finished; and,.So run-i.e., run in the way referred to, so that you may gain a prize.Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary.I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus; rather, with the best manuscripts, unto the prize.1 Corinthians 9:24 Commentaries, jump to Previous, attain.The victor was crowned with a garland of pine leaves or ivy.The gymnasium was a prominent feature in every Greek city."We have a time span in our life to make the money that we're going to make for the rest of our lives.Proclamation was made of the name and country of each competitor by a herald.Certainty, compete, competition, fixed, gets, indeed, minds.The traces of the great Corinthian stadium, where the games were held and the races run, are still visible on the isthmus.He who runs a race, must never stop short of the end, but press forward as fast as he can; so those who have heaven in their view, must still press forward to it, in holy desires and hopes, and constant endeavours.

In some cases, sponsorship cash represents a stream of money that outlast a driver's tenure on the race track.The manner of running, "so that is, as the Grecians ran in their races; they military discount car rental alamo ran "all so should all believers run, ministers and churches, churches and the several members thereof, old and young professors; so the church determines for herself, her members, and the.They practised the exercises.They used themselves to hardships.The enemies of the cross of Christ mind nothing but their sensual appetites.Romans 8:30 and is "in Christ Jesus" in virtue of the unity with Him, in which we are at once justified and sanctified.Disclosure: The Monster Energy nascar Cup Series Championship airs this Sunday at.m.The act of "running" is a motion forward, a following on to know the Lord, a going from strength to strength, from one degree of grace to another, a pressing forward toward the mark for the prize; and requires spiritual strength from Christ, and.
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