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Spade (can be found in Draynor Manor or bought at any Farming store except the one above Port Sarim).
Seers' Village lodestone and follow the path south-west, until you holiday inn discount code september 2015 are outside the entrance to the ranging guild (or you may use a combat bracelet to teleport right outside the guild).Ask them if you could become friends, and after thinking for some, they ask you to win and retrieve the coveted gold trophy from the fishing contest in the western town.White Wolf Mountain ; Austri can be found just north of the.He eventually complains of a horrible smell and agrees to change places with you.Walkthrough hide ยป 1: Mountain Dwarf, talk to Vestri or Austri, they both walk around a shack on the west or east side of White Wolf Mountain.Walk up to the pipes nearby and stuff your garlic inside them.Head to the western area of the woods and locate the red vines, to the west of the fairy ring and near the fence; dig up and collect at least three red vine worms for the contest.Bank, required: Spade, suggested: Armour, food to pass by Wolves (level 25 to 73) and, guard Dogs (level 48) 2: Red vine worms.He tells you how he won the fishing contest for four consecutive years, fishing at the good spot near the outflow pipe.Bonzo will tell you that your fishing spot is by the willow tree.Categories : More RuneScape Classic Wiki, runeScape Classic Wiki is a fandom Games Community.Weight: baseball sweep meme 0 kg, examine Information: Pass to the Hemenster fishing contest.We have a modified experience for viewers using ad blockers.You must go to the north side of the woods and sneak in by going through some loose railings to the right of the building.
Afterwards, they allow you to use their passage underneath the mountain.
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Enter the house directly opposite to the guild and speak.Fandom, runeScape Classic Wiki 3,282 Pages, add new page, retrieved from " ".The Fishing Contest Edit Fishing for the giant carp.He also recommends you to fish with red vine worms as bait, found in McGrubor's Wood, and that you should get garlic to get rid of the vampyre who has claimed the fishing spot as his own.Remove the custom ad blocker rule(s) and the page will load as expected.Fish 3 giant carps from the Sinister Strangers's spot to win the contest.Content is available under.Items Index Page, back to Top.Contents show, official description, edit, the mountain dwarves' home would be an ideal way to get across White Wolf mountain safely.
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