selling gift cards electronically

We will notify you once your card is sold and you will have the option having a check sent to you for the sale price.
If you have any questions about this process or want to be verified a different way, please email support.
How much you will get, depends on the following factors: #1 Value of your card, is the remaining balance of your card between 25 and 1,000?Reliable Ways to Get Cash for Your Gift Cards.How do I sell a gift card?Where can I buy Stockpile's physical stock gift cards?Open an account first with a low-commission online brokerage and buy shares directly.Our system will display to you the gift card closest to the value you plan on spending while shopping, along with the percentage you will save for that purchase.Afterwards, enter the value you desire to receive for the purchase of the gift card that you are selling.Giant Eagle and Market District (all locations in Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Indiana).We buy those unused gift cards for a discounted rate, and then we offer them to you for a discounted rate as well.Enter the merchant your card is from, take a picture of the front and back of the gift card, and enter the card number, card pin, and card balance in the appropriate fields.The gift card is used after it has been sold.The site allows you to search by company name, stock symbol, or brand.Blackhawk Network began rolling out Stockpile's gift cards in October.Every single year billions of dollars worth of gift cards go unused.
While you won't get lillian vernon coupons free shipping cash in hand, you can use your donation as a tax deduction which could help offset the taxes on your sweepstakes prizes and you can help causes that are important to you while you.

Buying or selling a stock or ETF:.99.Gift card exchanges let you set whatever price you think is fair for your gift card, which could end up netting you more cash.How to Pick a Website to Sell Your Gift Cards.Both of the above sites offer a one-year guarantee to buyers to ensure that they feel comfortable enough to shop, which means that more people are available to buy your unwanted cards.The giftme guarantee covers: Gift cards that are not active Gift cards with an inaccurate balance Gift cards received as a different brand The giftme guarantee does not cover: Buyer's remorse/change of mind Misinterpretation of delivery method/time Misinterpretation of redemption method Neglect to apply promo.Do you have a PayPal ford car giveaway sweepstakes account?Otherwise, you will be required to mail in your card.Currently, instant funding is only available via a PayPal deposit, so you must have a PayPal account (or know someone that has one and you can trust to give you the money after they receive it) #4 Card retailer, only selected retailers gift cards are.