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O have partnered on an exciting initiative to pair the life-changing, eye-opening wonder of travel with the soulful, inspiring content found in every issue of the magazine.We live in the Intermountain West and the long ago pioneers placed a big importance.I am an American who was born in New Jersey, and my parents are also.Deadline: Apr 13th Loop Poetry Contest Write a poem with a specific format for this contest.Call your travel professional or visit m/OprahMag for more details.Past greats such as Stephen King have made careers with horror writing.Deadline: May 11th 5-7-5 Poetry Contest Share a poem that has three lines and follows the 5-7-5 syllable count.It's similar to a haiku but you tesco com my vouchers can write about anything.' Enter for your chance at the cash prize.Share your short story but only use 50 words.Lanturne Poetry, enter this poem by writing a 5 line poem that has a the specified syllable count.Write a story as if those writing were talking on the telephone or texting.It's similar to a haiku but you can write about anything.' This contest has a cash prize.This is one of the pictures I took when we visited there!Deadline: Apr 20th Cinquain Poetry Write a poem with a specific syllable count to enter this writing contest.
Deadline: Mar 10th 3 Line Poem.

We invite you to read real stories from real students and families to see just how big a difference an individualized, online education can make.11, love icon 265 View icon 8 Love icon 284 View icon Paint and cut paper.Non-Fiction Writing Contest Share a non-fiction story for this contest.Transform your view, experience.Holland America Line cruises to destinations around the globe, connecting you to the planets most fascinating people, places and culturescelebrating our differences while discovering our shared humanity.7 Love icon 261 View icon I love visiting.C.Give details about your life and how you can to be where you are.Dialogue Only Writing Contest, dialogue is an important part of any story.34, love icon 608, view icon.