smithsonian photo contest deadline

The Smithsonian magazine photo contest is open to amateur photographers ages 18 and over.
The Washing Machine was taken from my quadcopter over the start of the La Jolla Rough Water Swim, otherwise known as the Gatorman.
My girlfriend and my little son were far from Rome so I had free time for me, for my passion.(Photo by Sujan Sarkar/Smithsonian Photo Contest).(Photo great escape lodge promo code april 2015 by Albert Ivan Damanik/Smithsonian Photo Contest).The beauty of these glaciers astounds me to this day, but as we all know, they are disappearing worldwide.Enter the contest, comments comments, similar photography competitions.My bull terrier Claire photographed in an abandoned train, one of a series that I am currently working.(Photo by Gunarto Gunawan/Smithsonian Photo Contest).Submitted photographs must have been taken within the past three years (since January 1, 2005).
At that time, readers can vote online for one readers choice winner.
(Photo by Adam Taylor/Smithsonian Photo Contest).

This will ensure that future generations can enjoy the same beautiful images we capture through such photographs.The washing machine is a term used by open water swimmers, referring to all the whitewater being turned.These turtles face a huge battle of survival on their upcoming travels, and every person I can impact with their picture is a win!(Photo by Jian Wang/Smithsonian Photo Contest).The winning entries and select finalists will be published in the print edition of Smithsonian magazine during summer 2008.More than 10,000 people have been evacuated to safer areas in Karo, where the volcano lies with high activity.