sofia the first pet contest full episode

With the help of a magic amulet that enables her st jude home giveaway colorado to talk to animals and a special appearance from Princess Cinderella, Sofia adjusts to her seaworld san antonio promo code 2012 new surroundings and tries to form a strong and close bond with her initially reluctant stepsister Amber.
For more fun and games from all of your favourite shows, head over to: want more updates and exclusive goodies?93 12 " Too Cute to Spook " October 13, On walgreens photo discounts 2017 Halloween, Sofia helps her wizard friend, Calista, learn that the best way to make new friends is to just be yourself.It's up to Sofia, Amber, Princess Jun, and a very special Disney Princess to rescue their beloved families.08 08 " The Princess Test " April 12, When Flora, Fauna and Merryweather announce a big test, the princesses are put to the test but only one of them can win the trophy for showing the most important princess trait of all-kindness.78 26 " Royal Vacation " November 11, Miranda plans a family vacation in order to spend quality time together, but it turns out to be the worst vacation ever.40 16 " The Princess Stays in the Picture " October 24, When Sofia and Hildegard become stuck inside an enchanted painting, Hildegard complicates their escape plan by insisting she knows everything.29 05 " The Silent Knight " May 9, Sofia meets her idol and hero, the brave but silent knight Sir Bartleby, and helps him to accept his unique voice and romantically charm and attract her Aunt Tilly.Princess Merida appears to aid Sofia.05 05 " A Royal Mess " February 8, The Golden Wing Circus is in town and the kids really want to go, but when James accidentally breaks a giant glass window, James and Sofia attempt to hide it while Amber distracts their parents.12 12 " Two to Tangu " June 14, Sofia and Amber visit Prince Zandar in the kingdom of Tangu but get lost on a magic carpet.41 17 " Baileywhoops " November 7, When the Kingdom of Enchancia is having a Jubilee, a new steward who wants Baileywick's job gives him a cursed pin that causes him to be very clumsy, leading Sofia to help Baileywick by becoming his junior steward.Unfortunately, the princess that magically appears before Amber and Sofias eyes is evil and she wants to overthrow the Kingdom of Enchancia by turning it all black and white!Watch also dora the explorer, bubble guppies, spongebob, my little pony, team umizoomi, frozen, mickey mouse, paw patrol, peppa pig, tom and jerry, surprise egg kinder, toy story, and disney games on my channel: m/user/GamesFornication.98 17 " The Birthday Wish " January 5, 2018 TBA 99 18 " In Cedric We Trust " January 26, 2018 TBA TBA TBA " The Lost Pyramid " TBA TBA TBA TBA " A Hero for the Hoodwinks " TBA TBA TBA TBA.
83 02 " The Secret Library: Tale of the Eternal Torch " May 5, The Secret Library sends Sofia on a mission to help the dragons of the Blazing Palisades defend their home against invading sea serpents.

69 17 " Bunny Swap " March 25, When Clover and a wild bunny named Barley mistakenly switch places, Clover must rediscover his wild side so he can find his way home.80 28 " The Princess Prodigy " February 10, Sofia becomes concerned after she learns that Princess Vivian's music teacher plans to magically steal Vivian's musical talent.62 10 " All the Sprite Moves " November 6, Princess Vivian is upset about her family's move to a new castle and enlists Sofia' Wee Sprite friends to help sabotage the move by making it seem like the new castle is cursed.55 03 " Cedric Be Good " September 18, When Cedric finally gets a hold of Sofia's amulet and is repeatedly cursed by the gem, he realizes that the amulet's powers are only granted by acts of kindness.When he is convinced by Sofia he decides that it's time to go back to being king.Sofia discovers what has happened and tries to sacrifice her amulet, only to have it taken by Wormwood, resulting in another pegasus chase that ends with the amulet's retrieval.
84 03 " The Crown of Blossoms " May 12, Two gnomes arrive in Enchancia to recover their lost Crown of Blossoms, which has been given to Sofia to wear during the kingdoms annual Planting Festival.