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In 2009, Sweep along with Sooty and Soo appeared in Peter Kay's Animated All Star Band music video on "Children in Need".
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Sweep in a hiking outfit Sweep with his parents Sooty and Sweep wearing winter clothes Sweep singing "Poker Face" by Lady GaGa Sweep, Sooty and Soo on "Children in Need" Sweep, Sooty and Soo on "The Matt Lucas Awards" Sweep as Pavarotti on "The Matt.
Sweep, type of animal, dog, birthday, april 1st.In the early years of Sooty, Sweep also used to whisper in Harry Corbett's ear too, even though he always had the squeaky voice.Probably his most unusual characteristic is his method of communication.Contents show, history with the series.The rest of the cast could understand Sweep perfectly, and would indirectly translate photo contest online 2014 for the viewer.
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Episode, sooty's Magic Solutions, Sweep suffers from nyctophobia, the fear of the dark.

Sweep is a grey, glove puppet dog with long black ears who joined.Sweep is said to be aged.Episode "Stars in Their Eyes" on the 1990's talent show with the same name.He has three brothers called Swoop, Swipe and Swap.Hobbies, digging for bones, Singing, sweep is a British apple vacations promo code march 2015 puppet and TV character popular in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and other countries.Trivia, on Tuesday April 9th, 2013, Sweep along with Sooty and.Puppeteers, matthew Corbett also operated and voiced him on numerous occasions throughout the Sooty Show, Learn With Sooty and Sooty.Harry Corbett 's brother, Leslie) achieved the sound of Sweep's voice using a saxophone reed.It is known that, unusually for a glove puppet, Sweep wore wellingtons as several of the more slapstick routines involved his getting upended, leaving his wellies flailing helplessly in the air.The original puppeteer (.His general dim witted behaviour and penchant for bones and sausages has made him an endearing, entertaining character that children still love to this day.
Soo appeared as the judging panel in one episode of "The Matt Lucas Awards" Season.