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On this floor, proper swimwear is necessary.
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Spa Castle reserves the right to void all purchased certificates without notice or refund and deny acceptance of any gift certificates.
Diligently confirm your accumulated tab and always be conscious of your balance.When in the nude locker room area, refrain from any activity or behavior that can or will cause discomfort to others, including, but not limited to, inappropriate behavior, any type of public displays of affection, staring or gawking, etc.Children over 3ft.Absolutely no outside footwear is permitted inside our facility, with the exception of inside the Fitness Center.Visitors are required to carry their personal and appropriate footwear to this area and wear them when using any of the equipment.All foods, beverages, and spa services are additional and can be paid upon leaving.Visitors who check-in together must check-out at the same time.The admission fee covers the usage of Spa Castles many amenities: saunas, indoor and outdoor pools, whirlpool bath, hot tubs, steam rooms, healing zone, public lounge areas, locker key, locker number discount adidas superstar and uniform.In the case of a lost key, you will be responsible for a penalty fee.Entrance fee, once you have checked-in, no refunds will be administered, even in the case of no-available spa reservations.Make sure that your locker is security locked before leaving.No extensions, refunds, or exchanges will be administered.Visitors may temporarily step out in front of the building for a smoke.Charges, rental deposits, return all items back to the desk you received them.

Any individual that must wear shirts/pants inside swimming pool for religious or medical reasons, shall wear only swimwear overalls. Absolutely no cotton t-shirts or non-swimwear pants will be allowed inside our pools.Delete Confirm Cancel, helpful answer 1, vote, not as helpful.Card must be physically present for use.T-shirts and pants must be worn over your swimwear on all floors, with the exception of the Second Floor Bade Pool area.Please note reservations are not necessary for General Admission.Personal belongs: You must store all personal items and clothing in your assigned locker.Unruly behavior, any form of inappropriate activity, discrimination, and/or profanity may be cause for ejection.