spelling bee contest words

Disappear is to cease to be seen.
Hassle is a running warehouse coupon codes 2017 disorderly dispute.Talk is to communicate by speaking.Schedule is a plan of procedure.Thief is a person who steals.Finesse is extreme delicacy or skill in performance.Razor is an instrument used for shaving.
Impede is to retard in movement by means of obstacles.

Massacre is the unnecessary killing of human beings, as in a war.Receive is to take something into one's possession.Census is an official enumeration of the population.Nausea is sickness at the stomach, especially when loathing food.Influenza is a viral, acute, sometimes epidemic disease.Appellate is of or pertaining to appeals.Assassin is a murderer, especially in politics.Available for grades 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8.Cemetery is a place set apart for graves or tombs.Mauve is a pale bluish purple.
Pact is an agreement, covenant or compact.
Pedestrian is a person who goes on foot.