sweep at 37 weeks nhs

I'm totally fed up in agony.
I said no, even though I want this baby out so bad, since I know it's probably better for him to stay in until he's ready.Got them to check me at give it away jamey johnson chords almost 39 weeks and my cervix is soft but not dilated which means they couldn't do the sweep.I'm 371 tomorrow due to see my midwife.Mine will be on Wednesday when I'm 38w2d and I'm going to say yes even though there is no medical reason.Caused a little spotting and some annoying little pains but nothing that lead to labor.It may not happen if things aren't favourable for me which means I may have to have a repeat.They can only do it if you've started dilating!it will not hurt to try.Newest 19 Posts a abidgood @KateTurner, i looked it up online and it suggest not doing it if your body is not prepared for.But my body wasn't ready yet (despite being dilated and effaced) as I'm 38w4d now and still pregnant.If you want it done, just ask.I got my membrane swept about 2 hours ago and since then I've had bad cramping, pressure and Braxton hicks.I was 3cm dilated and cervix low and soft.Just looking to get the ball rolling.Only way to know is to try it out and see if gets you anywhere.

Z zeegee5, i'm having one at 376 for medical reasons but it won't work unless your cervix is favourable etc that's why they do them later.X xxbabyljxx @KateTurner, i'm having it tomorrow at 37 weeks but for medical reasons.I had one done 403 and a second at 410 with my first baby.A, alymama22 @KateTurner, i did but I was 2 days from being 38 weeks.Do you think my midwife will do a sweep this early?C cdrewitt @KateTurner My hospital routinely offers it at your 38 week appointment.2 days later still no baby yet btw.
Ive been to see antenatal consultant to discuss inducing due to SPD but was refused.
A, andrea201722, it only works if you're ready.