sweep rhino command

And I notice my rotation is a little bit off, so sometimes if it's a little bit funky, like it is right now, it's helpful to place the camera target.
I've got a few additional checkboxes here and then down below, we have a set of rail curve options that we'll look at in the next couple of examples.
Refit within _ Refits the shape curves before creating the sweep.So for now, I'm pretty much just going to leave all these on the defaults and go ahead and click Sweep.First rail, second rail, profile curve, click Done.So I'll go ahead and do a Sweep 1 with these curves.So, let's just slide this over a little bit so we can see what's going on here.So, I'll go ahead and turn on my End object snap.
Simple sweep Simple sweep works in cases where the shape curves intersect the rail at rail edit points.
Surface, Sweep 1 Rail.

So I have one rail, two-rail, and two cross-section curves.Let's try one more with some slightly different inputs.So, Sweep 2 Rails.So when I check this, notice what happens to my isocuves.Other times, if we're going on to edit later on, we might want photo books coupon code shutterfly a bit of simpler surface.Rebuild with _ control points Rebuilds the shape curve control points before creating the sweep.Go ahead and click Sweep and we'll see what we have here.Follow along and learn by watching, listening and practicing.Untrimmed miters, if the sweep creates a polysurface with kinks, the component surfaces will be untrimmed.
The rail tangent and the fixed direction vector (if they are not parallel) define a plane.