sweep right football play

She swept up the discount tobacco outlet hours crumbs/mess.
Vt adv ( leaves, rubbish ) raccogliere ; ( pick up, books ) acchiappare sweep (swip) past tense, past participle swept (swept) verb.
To clean (a room etc ) using a brush or broom.A toss sweep, a sweep is a running play in, american football where the running back takes a pitch or handoff from the quarterback and starts running parallel to the line of scrimmage, allowing for the offensive linemen and fullback to get in front.( change ) to make a clean sweep hacer tabla rasa there will be a clean sweep of all those involved in this cover-up se hará tabla rasa con todos los que estén involucrados en esta tapadera.2.( move quickly and with rinnai tankless water heater rebate force ) wind, sea, crowd emporter She was swept out to sea by the currents Elle a été emportée vers le large par les courants.He was swept along by the crowd Il a été emporté par la foule.Sweepstake sweep aside VT ADV.To sweep sth under the carpet (fig) balayer qch sous le tapis ( push with hand ) balayer She swept the bottles from her bedside table Elle balaya les bouteilles de sa table de chevet.The tight-end and wing-back splits are lined about a foot wider.Play-side linemen down block, both guards pull.( lit ) of telescope, gun, lighthouse, radar alcance m with a sweep of 180 con un alcance de 180.2.To move as though with a brush.Hangouts, notizen, earth, noch mehr von Google, ausgeblendete Felder.You can run buck sweep with 3-step or jet motion free xbox giveaway as well.

This defender is usually a DE or OLB.The play is run further outside than an off tackle play.Make the defense shift, or get beat!It was an integral part of an offense that won five NFL titles in seven years.( move impressively ) person to sweep into room faire irruption dans She swept into the conference room Elle fit irruption dans la salle de conférence.VI ADV see sweep B4 sweep up sweep swip n (with brush) coup m de balai The floor could do with a sweep Un coup de balai par terre ne serait pas du luxe.(of changes etc ) very great.This allows for the other linemen to downblock on the other defenders, giving the offense an advantage when it comes to blocking angles.