swep heat exchanger

The benefit of different chimney sweeping brush sizes herringbone patterns is that the hydraulic and thermal characteristics of the bphe can be modified.
Its available 24/7, always up to date, and allows you to save your calculations online.SSP Online is a lighter browser-based version using Internet Explorer 9, Safari, Firefox or Chrome.SSP G7 is the full standalone version that can be installed on your.For example, two bphes can have the same pressure drop on both sides despite different flow rates.sSP Online Log in and use online.SSP is available in two different versions: SSP G7 and SSP Online.For parallel flow bphes, there are two different flow configurations: co-current or counter-current (click images on the right).
In others the blind rings are integrated in the cover plate and first/last channel plates.
Port size4,5 mm (0.177 in)10 mm (0.394 in) 12,8 mm (0.504 in)14 mm (0.551 in) 14,5 mm (0.571 in)16 mm (0.63 in)18 mm (0.709 in) 20 mm (0.787 in)22 mm (0.866 in)24 mm (0.945 in)25 mm (0.984 in)27 mm (1.063 in)28 mm (1.102 in)30 mm (1.181 in)33.

Sealing plates are used to seal off the space between the cover plate and the first and last channel plates.Swep is a world-leading supplier of brazed plate heat exchangers for hvac and industrial applications.There are several different versions of the channel plate packages.The fluids can pass through the heat exchanger in different ways.Some bphes have a blind ring to seal off the space between the channel plate and the cover plate.Developed for demanding calculations and with an intuitive user interface, the program has become an effective tool for engineers throughout the world.No installations are required and you have the reassurance of a secured login.