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A number of other vehicles would continue to qualify for buyer rebates, according to the staff study.
That policy debate will begin soon.
But all is not lost for high income buyers. .But one must wonder how much of an impact 1500 has contested election returns deserve recount on car buyers or lessees who are purchasing a 80,000 vehicle.Since 2010, California has issued 217 million in rebates.From this point forward, people with incomes less than 300 of the federal poverty limit will be eligible for a 3,000 rebate on a plug-in hybrid, 4,000 on an electric car, and 6,500 on a hydrogen fuel cell car.The proposed cap would bar rebates for Teslas Model S, with an msrp of 69,000, and a new Cadillac ELR model, which lists for 75,995, according to the ARB.The electric car boom seems to be a regional phenomenon.The state has issued over 100 million dollars in rebates since the program began, and it is estimated they will need another 25 million dollars to pay upcoming requests.The moves, combined with other funding sources, would stabilize the fund, at least temporarily.They are still eligible for a 5,000 rebate on a fuel cell vehicle, even though it is hard to imagine Tim Cook or Larry Page driving around town in a Toyota Mirai.The Board has proposed that funding for the rebate program be increased from 121 million to 163 million for the fiscal year that began July.Until the proposed changes are implemented, the current rebates of 1,500 for a plug-in hybrid and 2,500 for an electric car will continue in effect.
To date, it has contributed to the sale of 56,617 advanced technology vehicles in the state including 5,800 Teslas, the company said.
This move serves two purposes, diverting more rebates to lower income buyers and slowing down the number of requests for the rebate.

That amount is all but certain to increase in 2014-15, absent changes, the staff noted.Data revealed by the cvrp in December 2012 showed that, in California, there were.If you have a position fox head racing promo code on this issue, its not too early to let your elected officials know whats on your mind.When built out as envisioned, Tesla Model S or Model X owners will be able to drive coast-to-coast purely on electricity.The Lexus GS sedans start at 47,250, the Lexus GS Hybrid sedans start at 59,450, the Lexus LS sedans start at 71,990, the Lexus LS Hybrid sedans start at 119,910, the Lexus GX SUV's start at 53,795, the Lexus LX SUV's start at 81,530, and.According to the Board, the changes were made to target those most likely to value the rebate the most. .The program has issued about 100 million worth of rebates on 49,000 vehicles through January 2014, reflecting a 160 percent increase in rebate activities in 2013 compared with 2012.Tesla, in a written description of its position distributed in the Capitol, said the cvrp is one of the most successful consumer facing programs for the California Air Resources Board.The California Air Resources Board proposals will change the cvrb incentive program to encourage low income people to buy electric and plug-in hybrid cars.
Multiply that by the Model Ss 70,000-95,000 price tag and you can see why they are concerned.