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The signs for Speedway are buy online votes for contest received but will have to wait until ground is softer to place the posts.
Siptrott to speak with Greg Mathews from the County to see what can be done.
Chase the winter sun, whether youre looking for Caribbean-style beaches closer to home or want to indulge in a hefty dose of culture without the crowds, these alternative escapes are guaranteed to make your summer sizzle.
For a look at his eighth column, freebies card making downloads click here.Jelliff to answer questions.Paving of the Municipal Building is completed.The Village DPW will ask around to see if anyone saw who placed the cone in the middle of the road.Voted Yes by Mayor Pierce, Deputy Mayor Crane, Trustees Hill and Letteer.Tax bills have been received and are set to go out.18, 2014, in the Municipal Building Community Room.
In the Fire Room by Mayor Pierce roll call: Mayor Keith Pierce - Present; Deputy Mayor Crane - Absent Trustee Hill- Present; Trustee Thoman - Present Trustee Letteer - Absent; Code Enforcement Russell - Present Fire Chief Tomassi - Present; 1st Asst.
By Deputy Mayor Crane, seconded by Trustee Letteer.

quot; for Octave meter is 1775 from Vellano.Motion Carried New members this month that need approval: Kara Wood, Harmony Coates and Lisa Karius.Pierce, Clerk-Treasurer Odessa Village Board open university student software discounts minutes: March 17 The following are the minutes of the Odessa Village Board's Regular Meeting held on March 17, 2014, in the Municipal Building Community Room.Snorkel in St Lucia or seek adventure in Jamaica.Received" from SCT Computer and obtained similar"s from Dell and Best Buy.NEW business: Resolution to pass the updated County Hazmat mitigation plan: Resolution Motion made by Deputy Mayor Crane, seconded by Trustee Thoman to approve the updated Schuyler County Hazard Mitigation plan.
Discussed the allowance the fire chiefs get at the end of the year and how to have a different kind of backup for the expense.
Franzese will follow up with Mayor Pierce to set up the meeting with usda.