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USB-A port USB-A (accord with USB2.0) of TG series HMI has below function: Backup management, data export/import, the speed can up to 480 Mbps.
8 4-4 Dimensions and installation 4-4-1 Product dimensions TE765 (Unit: mm) V 0V FG 1 2 3 4 COM1 COM2 mode: TG760T-MT S/ N: N thinget Xinje Electronic.,Ltd.4.6 200.4 146.9 136.5 190.0 138.5 192.0 PWR 4-4-2 Installation and using environment Install requirements.
Insert the install rack into rebate rate in india the fix hole of TG then tighten the screw;.
Link Download: TouchWin Edit Tool.99.rar, touchwin Edit Tool.C.rar, link d phòng: TouchWin Edit Tool.99.rar, touchwin Edit Tool.C.rar, password gii nén: m, serial number setup : XinjeTouchWin, like, comment nu nó có ích cho.23 THA65 (Unit: mm) 24V0VFG 311.0 234.0.0 223.0.1 300.0 2-4-2 Installation and using environment Install requirements: TH has four ferric mounting racks when out of factory, there are two square holes on the up, down side.Store: PLCome, open: 2 year(s follow, home All Categories Computer Office Cables Connectors Rated.0/5 based on 1 customer reviews.0 (1 votes) 5 Stars 0 4 Stars 0 3 Stars 0 2 Stars 0 1 Stars.MB 232/485 232/485/ 422 - - TH765-UT 1 TH765-UT(P) TH765-N TH765-NT.Insert the bottom of TP into the mounting hole of control cabinet.Pins of download port Pin Name Meaning 1 NC Unused terminal 2 RXD RS232 receive 3 TXD RS232 send 4 A RS485 communication signal 5 GND Signal ground 6 busy Busy signal 7 B RS485 communication - signal 8 NC Unused terminal 9 NC Unused.9 Fixed bracket Install panel Install steps:.

USB-B port Pin Name Description 1 5V 5V voltage signal 2 data Data signal 3 data- Data signal - 4 -5V -5V voltage signal.Do not use TG in below environment: Inflammable gas, steam, dust, fast vary temperature, high humidity (it may cause moisture inside TG).11 Communication Two ports communication independently, can connect two different devices at the same time Drive the panel printer directly, economical and flexible Support free format communication, user edits the driver program 2-1-2 Model naming rule : Series name TH 2: LCD size 465:.3.Connect TP and PLC with communication cable Notice: The communication cable can be offered by the supplier or made by user according to the connection diagram, input 24V DC power to start working.In order to avoid TP temperature too high after long time working, please keep 10cm space on the up/down and 5cm on the left/right side of the TP when installing.(3) Connect TH with PC, open Touchwin software, click or to download the program.2-1-3 Model form TH series include TH465, TH765, TH865, THA62 and THA65.TouchWin Edit Tool, hMI Touchwin (Xinje) là dòng HMI ca Trung Quc, v hiu sut và kh nng kt ni vi a dng các dòng PLC thì thua các hãng khác, nhng v giá thì chp nhn.(2) Please install USB driver before using.
3 Environment Operation temperature 0-50 Reserve temperature -20-60 Environment humidity 10RH-90RH (no condensation) Withstand oscillation 10-25HZX, Y,Z each direction 30 minutes 2G Anti-jamming Voltage noise:1500Vp-p,pulse 1us1 minute Surrounding air No corrosive gas Protection construction IP65 Construction Cooling method Natural air cooling Exterior dimension (mm) 173.2*121.4*45.1.